An Overview of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Tips to Finding the Right Attorney

It is beneficial to formulate a plan early when facing the chances of bankruptcy due to accruing debts. Whether you are operating in the public or private sector, you can get relief from the Chapter 13 bankruptcy legislation. However, the eligibility applies for debts that do not exceed a specific limit.

How it Works

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can assist you in developing a reasonable repayment plan for credit owed. You can get a maximum of five years to repay creditors and avoid the risk of losing your income. It is critical to select the right Los Angeles Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer for your case.

A legal professional with experience in debt cases knows the process and understands the law. After preparing your claim with your attorney, you will go to a bankruptcy court in your region to file a petition. Consider an institution with jurisdiction in the location that your debtor resides or operates their business from. Still, your lawyer can help you with the filing.

On the other hand, the debtor will present their case during the preliminaries. They need to provide details about your agreement using relevant documents regarding the deal. A qualified attorney can get you the best deal for your debt repayment. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a legal representative for your case;

Area of Jurisdiction

As mentioned earlier, you must file the petition in the debtor’s residence area. Also, the ideal lawyer should operate in the jurisdiction because they know the local laws and how the courts in the region work. Since cases differ depending on the area of jurisdiction, you will benefit from a lawyer who practices where your debtor resides. A local lawyer knows the personnel in the courts and how they work: It will help your case.


Law is broad, and lawyers will specialize in specific fields. A criminal lawyer differs from a bankruptcy or personal injury attorney. So, you should select a professional who specializes in bankruptcy cases. A person who works full time in the field will know the approach to take and is in touch with the developments or trends in their area of specialization.


A lawyer with previous experience with bankruptcy cases is the right person for the job. Do not pick any lawyer even though they have been in the business for many years. But, a professional who deals with similar cases to yours every day is what you should be looking for. So, it would be best to look for a lawyer who works with people experiencing the same problems as yours. The attorney can use previous successes with bankruptcy cases to ensure you get the judgment you want.

The Final Thoughts

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer can advise you on your obligations to creditors and the consequences of failing payments. Still, they will assist you in finding a suitable relief when facing the risk of bankruptcy. Therefore, finding the right lawyer for your bankruptcy case is critical for your success. Use the tips in this read to select a fitting legal representative.

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