Choose the Best Maritime Attorney with the Help of These Great 5 Tips

If you already have a maritime case, among the important things you need to do is to look for a great maritime attorney. However, not every maritime attorney is created equal. Some have more skills than others.

This is why you need to be extra careful and consider the following tips, especially if it is your first time to do so:

1.      Consider Researching

You can get one of the best maritime lawyers in town by asking for recommendations from your family and close friends.

It is also possible to get a lot of options online. When you decide to get an attorney online, you might want to question several to determine their expertise and skills in the field.

You may as well ask about their specialty. This can be Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, cruise ship injuries, Defense Base Act, or Jones Act.

2.      Look at the Courtroom Experience

It is pretty amazing how many lawyers never go to the courtroom to try cases before juries and judges or argue motions.

Company attorneys and insurance firms usually defend maritime cases. These company attorneys can fight every problem in your case, and this normally involves arguing different motions before the courtroom.

Normally, maritime lawsuits and the Jones Act get prepared until they reach the trial stage, where a fair settlement will be reached.

If not, the case won’t be presented to the jury. Your attorney will be more likely to spend time in court to deal with the case. So you need to ensure your lawyer has enough courtroom experience.

3.      Check the Resources They Have

Resources are an important part of maritime cases. You will need an attorney with enough resources they can use to hire other professionals to help with your maritime case.

For instance, you might need professionals to testify in your maritime case, and this needs payment for their time.

This is an important quality of a great maritime attorney since, without enough resources to present you with your case, it can be challenging to get justice.

4.      Prioritize Communication Skills

The best maritime attorney has a demeanor and personality that facilitates great communication. You will feel more at home when you provide complete and accurate details to your lawyer concerning the legal issue at hand.

This way, your attorney will be in a better position to explain to you in the language you can easily understand, including the law applicable to your case.

5.      Determine the Location

Apart from the lawyer’s communication skills and experience, where your attorney is licensed is very important.

For instance, if you want to file a maritime claim against your employer, you need to choose an attorney with a license to practice law where the organization is headquartered.

Final Remarks!

Your lawyer needs to get prepared to work tirelessly to ensure you have the best results and justice you deserve. This might mean preparing legal and court actions against defendants in various venues.

So when hiring an attorney, ensure you choose an expert who understands the maritime law and can apply those laws.

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