Do Car Accidents Occur More During The Summer?

It might not seem like it, but summer is the deadliest season of all. You may not think there is anything risky about driving during the hot months. In fact, most people think it is safer than winters since you do not need to worry about slippery roads and snow. However, the reality might be far different from what you think. 

The summer months witness the most number of road hazards. When you plan on hitting the road this summer, you must be aware of why accidents increase during this time. It is also essential to hire a car accident Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer to get help with your claim. 

Reasons for increased car accidents during the summer 

  • Extra traffic. 

The summer months experience an increased amount of traffic. Naturally, the number of people on the road increases when the weather is nice and warm. More people are willing to go out and have fun with their loved ones. They may visit the nearest park for a picnic or go on a long road trip. Regardless of the length of the drive, nice weather means more people on the roads. This extra traffic contributes to road accidents. 

  • More teenage drivers. 

Summer months also mean summer holidays for high school kids. High school children who have just turned 18 and got their driver’s licenses excitedly head out on the roads, driving themselves and their friends all over the town. Their eagerness to be independent often leads to deadly accidents. 

Moreover, since teenagers are new and inexperienced drivers, they are more likely to cause an accident. They also tend to drink while driving and disobey traffic laws, increasing the odds of a car crash. 

  • Increased number of impaired drivers. 

Summer means an increased number of parties in Fort Worth, and these parties do not only happen on the weekends but all days of the week. People are always out at bars, restaurants, and parties where they have access to alcohol. It is easy to give in and drink up a few glasses. Later, they become tipsy and have a hard time handling their vehicle on their way back home. 

If you think a small amount does not make any difference, you are wrong. Remember that even a single drink is enough to impair your senses. The Fourth Of July sees a sharp increase in road accidents as well. 

Just because there are various reasons for road accidents to happen in the summer months does not mean you are not entitled to safety. All road accidents are avoidable if one is careful. Hire an attorney to explore your legal options today. 

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