DUI 101: Everything You Must Know About DUI And Related Aspects!

DUI, for the uninitiated, stands for Driving Under Influence. It is a criminal offense, which is considered when a person is found to be high on alcohol and drugs while driving. In majority of cases, it is all about alcohol-related offenses. Anyone charged with DUI should have the assistance of a lawyer in his/her case, because such cases, the consequences can be really severe. In any case, DUI is a criminal offense, and the standard limit is 0.08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in all states of the US, but there are variations based on age and vehicle.

State laws must be checked when it comes to DUI, and you can find more information at For example, the BAC limits are lower for those driving commercial vehicles.

Things to know

A driver can be charged with DUI under various circumstances, even when they are not ‘drunk’. If their BAC is over the standard limit, a DUI charge can be slapped. In fact, one can be charged even when they are not driving, as long as the driver is in charge or physical control of the vehicle. To be more precise, if you are drunk and sleeping in your car in the driver’s seat, you can be charged with DUI.

Understanding penalties

The penalty for DUI cases can vary, depending on state laws. For instance, Arizona has a mandatory jail requirement, and so do states like Georgia. California is more lenient as far as jail term is concerned, while in Wisconsin, the first time a person is charged with DUI, it is not considered as a crime but a ticket is issued.

More on implied consent

This simply means that licensed drivers must agree to go for a test (either sobriety or chemical test), to check the level of BAC or blood alcohol concentration. If someone refuses to go for testing, their license can be suspended and other penalties can be imposed. Depending on the state, a breathalyzer is used to find BAC, and license suspension is often automated in many states.

Finding a lawyer

As you may have guessed, finding a lawyer is important when it comes to handling a DUI charge. They can guide you better on how you can manage a situation. Make sure that you select a lawyer who is experienced with DUI laws and is available to offer assistance for your case. Check online now to find the best-rated law firm.

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