How to Deal with Wrongful Dismissal from Work

Unemployment can be devastating, especially when you have been working for one employer your entire career. Probably you do not understand the reason for your termination since you have been performing well at work. Also, you have been observing the company policies and sometimes get recognition for your work.

When you cannot find an apparent reason for the termination, there may be other reasons behind the motive. Suppose it is about claiming employee benefits, inquiring about the job grading, requesting payments for overtime, reacting against changes, or it is pure discrimination. In that case, you will need an employment lawyer in Toronto like Ball Professional Corporation to help you fight the termination. Here are steps to undertaking a wrongful dismissal case.

Take Time to process the Incident

It is critical to process the incident since it will be emotional to lose a job without a warranted reason. Also, you will need to be psychologically ready to battle your employer with the help of an employment lawyer Toronto. However, you have limited time before you sue the company.

Consolidate the Evident

In such cases of wrongful dismissal, you will need evidence to support your claims. Therefore, you can gather communication records, including e-mail, that will help your claims. Consider getting a statement from an employee as a witness for your case or one who previously underwent a similar discriminatory situation as yours. Write down everything you can remember to use for your consultation with an employment lawyer Toronto and during the case hearing.

Talk to the HR

Talking to the human resource manager can help you understand more about the circumstances of your dismissal. You can record the conversation, but take notes about what you talk about if it is impossible. Request to see your employment file and take pictures of the relevant information. If the HR manager does not allow you, an employment lawyer Toronto can help you subpoena the decision.

You can avoid telling the officers that you think you had a wrongful termination. It will not give them time to hide the truth, and they can know about it when you file a complaint with the relevant authorities in the State. A wrongful dismissal lawyer can help you with the steps.

Consult an Employment Lawyer Toronto

Since your employer will have attorneys for cases they face, it would be best to have a qualified lawyer on your side. The wrongful dismissal lawyer will assist you with the process at the ministry of labour and the litigation in a court of law. An experienced attorney in the field can help you get the best judgment in your case. They know the law and have had previous encounters with similar wrongful dismissal cases.

The authorities will have a timeline for their investigations, after which they will give you a report on their findings for you to take action as needed. However, you are at liberty to proceed to the court if the state authorities do not conclude their investigations on time.


A lawsuit can take time. So, it is essential to seek employment as you wait for the outcome.

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