How To Get Compensation When Your Child Is Injured During Birth?

One of the happiest days of our lives is having a boy. However, if your infant experiences a preventable birth injury, this may make the beginning traumatic and disturbing for you and your child. How did my kid get seriously injured? Was it possible to avoid it? In the future, how will I look after my child? All these and even more questions can be a permanent cause of fear and anxiety. It is vital to know your choices when your child experiences some kind of accident during birth. You and your child have the right to get compensation so hire a Birth Injuries Lawyer | Wagners Law Firm and talk to an insurance agent. It’s crucial to recognize the rights of your child.

Common Types of Birth Injury

It is estimated that up to 1 in 1000 live births may lead to a birth injury. While some are minor, some may be permanent and lead to a lifetime disability. Although a wide range of birth injuries are present, the following includes some of the most common birth injuries:

  • Brachial plexus palsy
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  • Facial nerve palsy/paralysis
  • Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)
  • Clavicle or collarbone fractures
  • Kernicterus
  • Seizure disorders/epilepsy
  • Head trauma

Birth Injury and Medical Malpractice

Physicians and nurses are human beings. They cannot be perfect. However, they should be fairly professional. They are expected to measure up to the “reasonable” standard of care. Doctors, nurses, and other physicians should understand the complexities that can lead to birth injuries and do whatever they can to protect the mother and baby from harm. They should ensure adequate maternal treatment is given to the mother and infant when health conditions or risk factors for birth injury are found. They must contact specialists.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you suspect that your child’s birth injuries have been caused by medical negligence, the most vital thing is to get in touch with an experienced birth injury/medical malpractice lawyer to represent your case.

Your lawyer for birth injuries is liable to handle the expert attorneys that will be hired by the doctors and the hospital to defend the complaint. Note that advocates are mostly well-experienced people whose only objective is to deny or reduce their customer participation in injuries of your kid.

A malpractice lawyer may get advice from another specialist (or doctors) about whether your child’s birth injuries were avoidable and, if they were, how they could have been prevented.

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