How to Get Through a Divorce with Less Anxiety

One of the worst disputes people go through legally is divorce. That is why you need to consult with a lawyer if you are facing this type of battle. While some couples amicably come to an agreement, others find this split not to be as easy. If you are currently in a heated battle with your spouse, you need to neutralise things by getting legal help.

Why You Need to Consult with a Solicitor

By contacting one of the divorce solicitors in Battersea about your divorce, you can get your questions answered and take care of the matter with less tension. That is because a solicitor will help you through each of the stages. You need to go through these stages so you can see how you are progressing.

If you get a divorce in England and Wales, you must have been married for at least 12 months before you start filing paperwork. You must also consider England or Wales as your permanent residence. If you live overseas, you must be domiciled in this part of the UK.

To begin the divorce proceedings, you need to establish valid grounds for divorce. The marriage, in this case, must be broken down to the point that any reunion is impossible. Next, you need to file a divorce petition. This petition is an application to the court giving it permission for the divorce. Reasons must be provided to show how the marriage has broken down and what it concerns.

An Acknowledgement of Service

An acknowledgement of service follows the filing of the divorce petition. The application for divorce is reviewed by the staff of the court. If the documentation is correct, you will receive a copy of the application, stamped and recorded with a case number.

After this stage of the divorce process, your partner must agree with the petition. If he or she concurs, you will receive a paper, known as a decree nisi – confirming that the divorce can proceed. The judge establishes a nisi pronouncement date. This date will permit you to proceed to the last stage of the divorce proceedings.

However, before you can finalise your divorce or apply for a decree absolute, you need to patiently wait six weeks. The decree absolute is the document that officially ends a marriage. When you file the petition for divorce, you need to include some vital information. This information includes both you and your spouse’s name and address, and a copy of the marriage certificate. You also have to provide the names and birth dates of any children in the marriage. Even if the children are adults, these details must be added.

If you choose to apply by post, you need to remit three copies of the petition for divorce to the court, or four copies, if adultery is the reason for the divorce.



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