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How to Prove Fault in Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Case in Floyd County?

Are you looking for an answer to ‘help with my personal injury case’? Personal injuries are often caused by motorcycle and car accidents in Virginia. It is estimated that each year over 68,000 accidents occur in Virginia. Furthermore, these are often complex cases, as through investigation can be the difference between fair compensation or a pile of unpaid medical and insurance debts. Below are three steps you can take to ensure a fair, and speedy trial. 

Carry a Helmet

While legal trials should not be based on personal judgements, these judgements can often play an important role. This is important to understand if you are a regular motorbike driver. Motorbikes are seen as a sign of adventure seeking or thrill seeking activities by most. Hence, it is important for you to always carry a helmet to protect yourself against potential charges of negligence. Apart from personal safety, it will also ensure a legal safeguard in case of a collision. After an accident, you should also take pictures of your helmet in order to show its decayed condition in order to highlight the nature of your personal injury. 

Gather Evidence 

According to Virginia state laws, the burden of proof lies on the claim seeking party to prove negligence. Hence, you will need to solidify your case with first filing a police report immediately. Moreover, you will also need to collect evidence to solidify your case with pictures, dash cam footage, stop signs or other relevant markers to establish negligence. 

Seek a Local Lawyer

Accident cases are often complex as in states like Virginia, you need to prove negligence of the other party in order to avail compensation. Hence, collecting information from witnesses, and speaking to them to solidify your case is an important step to build your case. Furthermore, you will also need expert witnesses including technicians, policemen, attorneys of the other party, and medical professionals. Speaking to these witnesses often requires immense deliberation. If you are in a state of frenzy after an accident, it is advisable to seek help from a local attorney to speak to the witnesses. 

Local lawyers can not only safeguard your legal interests keeping in mind the local laws, and customs, but also provide expertise in dealing with third parties like insurance. In order to file compensation, you will require detailed analysis of your potential costs. A local lawyer can ensure accurate estimates of these costs to provide an expert legal representation. 

Jackson law firm is one such local injury firm that operates in several counties in Virginia state including Wythe, Carroll, Pulaski, Grayson and more.

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