Seeking Much Needed Compensation after an Accident at Work

Accidents at work happen every day, and sometimes there is no one at fault and nothing that could have been done to prevent the accident from taking place. However, in many cases, there should have been preventative measures in place, or a better reaction to an accident. If you have suffered an injury due to an accident at work that was not your fault, and an accident that could have been prevented, you could be entitled to make a claim for accident at work compensation. If you do think you have a right to make a claim, find accident at work solicitors that you can trust, with a team of solicitors with vast experience in the industry, and a track record of success where claimants receive work injury compensation that makes a real, positive difference to recovery and the rest of their lives.

Injuries that have occurred due to an accident at work can vary in form and severity. Some people may have suffered a broken bone or a minor laceration, whilst those most unfortunate may have suffered severe burns, amputations, permanent disability, and in some cases fatalities. Employers are legally responsible for the safety of employees and any visitors to workplace premises, and therefore if there is an accident in the workplace that could have been prevented, you could be entitled to make a claim for accident at work compensation.

All businesses must hold Employers Liability Insurance as standard and must always adhere to strict Health and Safety regulations. These regulations can change from industry to industry, though there are standard practice protocols and processes that all employers must implement no matter what industry they are working within. Even if there is an instance where you contributed to an accident that caused you injury at work, you could still claim accident at work compensation if it is deemed that your employer was the primary instigator of the accident and subsequent injury.

Accident at work compensation covers a wide range of instances, including slips, trips and falls, poorly maintained or defective equipment being provided for use by employers, dangerous working practices and procedures in the workplace, dangerous machinery on site, falling objects and poor working at height practices, negligence of co-workers, working in en environment where there are dangerous and toxic substances present, insufficient training, assault in the workplace, faulty lifting and manual handling practices, industrial industries from long-term work within certain industries.

It is always worth speaking with a solicitor that has experience of working within the personal injury realm, and specifically work injury solicitors with a track record of helping clients claim compensation for accidents at work. In some cases, an accident at work can prevent someone from working full time for the rest of their lives, some people require adaptations to their home and car, help with rehabilitation and medication, or to cover the cost of loss of employment. No one deserves to lose their livelihood and to suffer a dramatic change in lifestyle due to an accident that was not their fault.

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