The number of students studying in high schools in the United States has increased dramatically

About 30,000 Chinese students are currently enrolled in American high schools, and this figure was only 65 times 10 years ago, a 500-fold increase. These Chinese students in the United States contribute more than $20 billion annually to the US economy. Due to the reasons for issuing visas, Chinese students cannot directly enter public high schools. Therefore, Chinese families who send their children to the United States can only choose private high schools. Compared with public high schools, American private high schools are smaller and have a lower teacher-student ratio. This year, I saw not only private high schools in the United States, but now there are already international students in the eighth grade of middle school (relative to junior high school).

In the face of more than 50,000 US dollars in tuition per year (the total consumption may be as high as 70,000 US dollars a year), plus four years of high school, four years of university and international tourism, it must be at least six or seven hundred thousand dollars. I once asked a mother of an international student why she should do this. She replied in this way, with 50,000 US dollars a year for tuition, accommodation, meals, and supervision. We can continue to earn money in China. Children in the country to go to a bilingual school, please babysitters, pick-ups, class, and so on, but also have to do the money, but also do their best, send the United States can still earn fluent English and American education, not to mention that children are so small It will come out, and it will be easier to stay in the United States in the future. At that time, we will take the domestic assets and bring them to the United States to retire, which is more cost-effective than investment immigration.

However, the advantages of studying in the United States are also remarkable. Not only can you gain an international vision, but if you come early, you can not only participate in the SAT test, but also directly participate in AP and many other courses that must be taken at a prestigious school. The results are from American schools. For the admissions officer, comparability and credibility are higher, so it is easier to be admitted to the university of their choice.

If you are not sure about applying for study abroad, you can entrust an overseas study agent to help you apply. There are many study agents, such as Dream Go, NYIS (also known as 纽约小纽), and they will be more professional. Not only that, but if you accidentally cheat in the US (also known as 美国考试作弊), the agent will teach you. How to deal with the expulsion (also known as 开除应对).

The issue of identity in the United States is also very important. Most people want to get the eb1, eb2 green card (also known as eb2绿卡), but the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is very long, we can always pay attention to the green card scheduling forecast (also known as 绿卡排期预测).

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