Types of Personal Injury Compensation- Getting Justice for Your Losses

Personal injury cases are complex ones because everyone faces a different set of problems, injuries and situations. The injured person has to prove that it was not his mistake that he received injuries and losses. Likewise, it will be difficult to find the same solution for the claim that he may have filed. A Stockton personal injury attorney will be able to give the best advice when it comes to filing a personal injury claim and seeking the right compensation. He will suggest ways to maximize the compensation.

Types of personal injury compensation

Majorly, there are two types of compensation in personal injury cases. The injured person may seek compensatory or punitive damages depending on the case and the circumstances. It is important to understand both of these categories:

Compensatory expenses

They are also known as economic damages in which the injured person is able to recover his financial losses due to several reasons. 

  • Medical expenses – It includes the present and future medical expenses such as medical bills, doctor’s fees, costs associated with tests, scans and future treatment costs. These expenses also include medicines, rehab services, home care services and others.
  • Property damages- If any of your property has been damaged due to the accident, you are eligible to get compensation. For example, car, bike, mobile phone, laptop and any belongings.
  • Lost wages, benefits and perks- If you cannot go to work because of your injury, you will suffer from a financial crisis due to loss of income and benefits. In case, you were expecting promotions in a few days, which cannot happen now because of your injury. You are eligible to get compensation.
  • Poor mental health- In case, the injured person is depressed and suffers from mental issues such as anxiety and panic attacks due to the accident, he can get compensated for it.

All of your expenses and losses can be recovered if you hire a good personal injury lawyer.

Punitive Damages

Sometimes, the injured person does not want to get financial assistance but he wants to punish the negligent party. In this case, the judge will carefully review the case facts and give his verdict on the case. We can see that many high-profile cases come under this category and the parties are generally wealthy.

Depending on your situation, you must hire a good personal injury lawyer and make the right decision to get justice. 

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