Why do you need a DUI lawyer?

Getting a DUI charge can be scary, and it’s more than just an offense you must deal with in court. If you’re convicted of a DUI, you may face significant consequences—you could lose your license, have to pay fines and fees, and go to jail. But hiring an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Here are some reasons why.

They understand the court system.

The best DUI lawyers understand the court system. They know how to navigate it, what is required and what is not, what evidence is admissible and how to prepare a case for trial. The best lawyers can also help you avoid jail time by getting a better plea bargain from the prosecutor or getting your charges reduced in exchange for an agreement on your part that you will follow all future traffic laws (and do everything else).

They know what evidence is admissible.

A DUI lawyer knows the difference between evidence admissible in court and evidence that isn’t.

Evidence that is admissible in a case includes:

  • The officer’s report of what happened on the scene (the officer’s account of what happened)
  • The statements made by witnesses at the scene or later when they’re interviewed by police or prosecutors (these statements can be used against you as well if you don’t have an attorney on your side)

Things that aren’t admissible are:

  • Anything taken from your car during an arrest

They can help you avoid jail time.

If you’re facing jail time for your DUI offense, a lawyer can help you avoid it.

  • They can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf. Through their experience and knowledge of the law, DUI lawyers can help negotiate with the prosecutor about possible plea deals or reduced charges to reduce or eliminate jail time. The more experienced they are at negotiating these types of deals, the better chance they’ll have of bringing down your sentence and saving money in court costs and fines while also helping keep focused on getting back on track after serving time behind bars!
  • They know how judges think about DUIs, so they can make sure that they take any pleas seriously (and if necessary). If a judge has already made up his mind about someone’s guilt—whether because he thinks they look guilty based solely on physical appearance alone (which isn’t always true) or because we’ve already established ourselves within society as worthless people who have no business driving anywhere ever again—then no amount will convince him otherwise; even if there is compelling evidence proving otherwise–or even worse yet…no evidence at all!

You’ll get a better plea bargain.

The prosecution offers a plea bargain for a guilty plea. If your lawyer can ensure everything’s on the table for negotiations, they can negotiate for better terms than prosecutors originally offered. For example:

  • The prosecution may offer probation if you plead guilty but still want jail time (which would mean no driver’s license). Your lawyer could argue that this is unfair because it doesn’t take into account all of your responsibilities as an adult driver who made a mistake while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; they could also point out that there are alternatives available such as ignition interlock devices that prevent cars from starting unless they’re fitted with them—or make sure not to drive at all!
  • Your lawyer may argue against prison time altogether (even though it’s probably inevitable). For example: “My client didn’t get into any accidents during his time behind bars,” says my friend Jazzy Justice here in Atlanta, “and he did volunteer work while incarcerated, which helped him learn more about himself.”

A New York DUI attorney can help you avoid many things, including a jail term, get the best plea bargain possible, and ensure that your case will be handled fairly by the court system.

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