Why you Should Not Drive When Under the Influence

Knowing the dangers of driving under the influence is not rocket science, but many people still choose to operate cars when drunk. Twelve thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine people lost their lives in 2021 in the US alone due to alcohol-impaired accidents, and the numbers will continue rising unless this bad behavior stops.

Drunk driving is a serious crime and has hefty charges in most states. However, you can beat these charges with the right dwi attorney.  It is possible to treat alcoholism by visiting a treatment center, and below, we discuss why it is not advisable to drive when drunk.

  1. Slow Time Reaction

Alcohol affects how you respond to certain situations when it gets into your system, meaning it slows your response time, increasing your chances of getting an accident.

This means you will take longer for your brain to process when to apply brakes if a car breaks suddenly in front of you. Alcohol impairs your judgment, and you should take it in moderation.

  1. It Reduces your Coordination

Heavy drinking alters your motor skills like a hand, eye, and foot coordination. It is impossible to avoid certain harmful situations if you lack crucial coordination and the top signs of reduced coordination are trouble standing straight and swaying.

Too much alcohol can also make it hard to get into your car, or you might even lose it.

  1. It Reduces Concentration

Alcohol reduces your concentration no matter the amount you take. Many things require your full attention when driving, like staying in your lane and looking out for other cars and traffic signs.

Drinking reduces your concentration significantly, increasing your chances of getting accidents.

  1. It Alters Your Vision

Excessive alcohol intake affects your vision negatively since most people have blurred visions when drunk. Impaired judgment affects how you view the distance between you and the next car and other pedestrians on the road.

  1. You Might Lose Your Job

A drinking conviction is a significant crime in most professions, and it can result in termination of your professional license. Chances are higher when you have a prestigious title or are employed by the government or municipal state.

Nurses, lawyers, and teachers are at more risk of losing their careers when caught drunk driving.

  1. To Avoid Criminal Records

Your drunk driving charges will appear on your criminal record when found guilty, affecting your chances of getting a job in other institutions. It is expensive to fight criminal charges, and you will be limited if you are convicted.

Drunk driving can also cause physical damage to yourself or other parties, resulting in huge cash amounts to settle the damage. Research has shown that drunk drivers kill thousands of children annually, and we can stop this by limiting their intake.

Final Thoughts

Drunk driving has many disadvantages, including liver cirrhosis and the occurrence of accidents. It is advisable to watch your alcohol intake if you are driving to avoid these issues, and the above article has discussed some tips. Kindly reach out to us for more information.

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