Every personal injury case is unique in its way. The incidents and the facts are never the same. How the case unfolds depends on the facts presented by the plaintiff during the filing of the claim. The main goal of any such case is to recover an adequate and deserving amount of compensation for the damage which has been incurred to the plaintiff. It boils down to the techniques used by Good Slip and Fall Lawyers Toronto | Grillo Law, who fight for your rights and help you to get the compensation that you deserve. Not just that, they also help you to understand how the case might pan out.

Is there a case?

When you meet a lawyer, they will review the chain of events that led to the slip and fall accident. After this, they would assess the events and determine whether it would be a good idea to move ahead with recovering compensation. The initial part of the investigation consists of reviewing the injured person’s statement and the eyewitness who was present at that time. Based on all the information gathered, the lawyer will advise the victim whether they should pursue compensation by negotiating a settlement or take the case to trial and wait for the verdict of the card.

What happens in the investigation?

The investigation is the most crucial step of such a case as it helps to set the tone for the claim. A good job needs to be done as it would increase the chances of your success. Hence, you must find a lawyer who is experienced in slip and fall cases. A good lawyer will review the case thoroughly. They would gather all the medical records to prove the severity of the injury and review it before filing the suit. The lawyer and the investigator will collaborate to collect all the additional evidence, which would also include the incident reports from the slip and fall situation. Other documents could consist of photographs of the scene before and after the accident.

What is a negotiating settlement?

A lot of the slip and fall cases are usually settled outside the courtroom. What happens in such a case is that the owner or the property manager agrees to resolve the case amicably without going to trial. In such a case, a good lawyer will ensure that the settlement is in your favor. But suppose the owner is not providing reasonable compensation when you have a solid case. In that case, you might be advised to move the case to trial.

When are the cases taken to trial?

In some cases settling out of court might not be an option, and taking the case to trial would be the only way to get compensation. Once the case is brought to trial, it becomes time-consuming and even complicated. It is all worth it when you win the case and end up getting the compensation that is much higher than what was offered to you in the first place.

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